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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is PayNYCFines affiliated with NYC or another government agency?

No. We are a private company that is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, New York City or any government agency.

Why do you exist?

Our mission is to make car ownership in NYC lower hassle, including paying parking tickets. Our payment experience has just two pages - search and pay. In addition, we alert you to new tickets and upcoming penalties. Read more about benefits here.

Do you charge a fee?

Yes. We charge 1.9% + $5 of the ticket amount (in addition to the 2% fee NYC charges) for our faster experience. We charge our fee only once NYC has accepted your payment. For people who don’t want to pay this fee, we encourage you to pay your ticket on NYC website here.

Can I pay by eCheck?

At this time, we only support credit card payments. To pay by eCheck, pay on the NYC website here.

Are you paying the tickets on my behalf?

No. Your payment information is securely transmitted to NYC directly. You will get a confirmation code immediately upon payment.

Is my payment information safe?

Yes! We employ 2048-bit encryption on your payment information, and don’t store your card number. You can read our privacy policy here.

Can I get a refund?

NYC is paid immediately upon confirmation. If you paid the wrong ticket or want to reverse a ticket payment, you’ll need call 311 to speak with a parking ticket specialist and request a refund from the city. We can only issue a refund for our service fee - feel free to contact us at [email protected].

I overpaid or paid 2x. What should I do?

NYC prevents most overpayments, but they can occasionally happen. If you paid 2x for the same ticket, NYC will automatically refund the overage via a check within 30 days of payment. You can also request a refund directly by filing out an online form here and faxing or mailing it to NYC.

I can’t find my ticket in your system. What should I do?

It can take up to 10 days for a new ticket to enter the NYC ticket records. During this time, your ticket may not show up in search. You can sign up for text alerts to be notified when your ticket appears in NYC records with a link to pay.